About Us

Mission Statement

For families with children who live with heart defects and disease, Mended Little Hearts of Charlottesville is a support network providing education, advocacy, awareness, and outreach.


Education – Speakers are invited to our meetings to discuss topics relevant to the CHD community. We also provide educational materials for home use such as handouts, books and medical record forms.

Advocacy – We work closely with the American Heart Association, the Adult Congenital Heart Association and the National Congenital Heart Coalition to help develop better programs and research for the CHD community.

Awareness – CHD is an unknown epidemic, therefore, we take every opportunity to spread awareness. We participate in health fairs, trade shows, blood drives and distribute brochures with facts and statistics at each event. We also partner with many local hospitals and cardiologist that distribute our materials.

Outreach – Our outreach program involves carebag distribution during hospitalization in-person and online visits, parent matching and family fun activities.

Visiting Program – Our program is in accordance with HIPPA and is a standardized MLH nationwide program. We also ensure that we follow additional hospital guidelines if applicable.